Saturday, February 8, 2014



my fucking cunt of a boss doubled my probation period. effectively, she's telling me that everything i've done over the last three months has been utter crap.

this is the most insulting thing ever. i am a fucking graduate from one of the best schools in the states. you shitbag. you're just so fucking nitpicky and menstrual about everything. THIS IS REALLY WHY i cannot stand women bosses. they take everything so personally and hold a grudge for motherfucking forever. dude. chillax. ive been giving my 110% to get through all the goddamn stupid admin shit that honestly isnt worth my goddamn time for you guys, only to be crucified each time i make one slip-up. i must have somehow pissed them off so bad; they say i have an attitude problem when seriously, i don't.

i've really been trying so hard. and the boss is like, 'i feel like you're scared of me.' no shit sherlock, you're fucking temperamental. who the fuck tells a "team member" that "lately, the fuse has been you. you are the cause of everyone's temper."

what the fuck. fuck off. and then she's like 'i feel like you have a wall up between us - you don't want to gossip with the girls!'

no fucking shit sherlock. why the fuck would i gossip about other people in the office WITH my boss, ABOUT the other dudes in the office? and then i have to hear her whine and complain about her own boss and i'm like, yeah, wait till you hear what i have to say about you.

i really thought this time i found something that i quite liked, and that i didnt need to sell my soul to learn some stuff. so far, i've learned quite a lot for sure, but these are really one of the most anal retentive bitches i've come across.

for one: they fucking go nuts when i dont do a DOUBLE SPACE after ever period. HOW FUCKING DATED IS THAT SHIT.

two: apparently any number below 10 has to be spelled out, like nine. but anything above, like 15, has to be a number. WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE AN AD AGENCY?

three: VERBS. VERBS are apparently useless. If one of my notes start with a "Will be following up on this." APPARENTLY "will be" IS NOT ALLOWED. "Following up on this." is pre-fucking-ferred.

every thing they seem to find fault with me have been woefully stupidly small, and yet they say 'if i cannot cross this admin hurdle, then i cannot be relied on to move on to the other things.'

i'm sorry. these bitches need some slapping. i'm the only minion in the HK office for now - within this three months, i swear i am going to quit before they fire my overqualified ass. i hope they find someone else quick to replace me, because they're going to face even more manpower issues after i leave.

also, i was fucking kind/stupid enough to rope my dad in as a client - fuck that. my dad is boycotting the firm. well, as soon as i find another job that is...

so, basically. 2014. back to the drawing board. i have officially have had two 'real' jobs so far, and both have lasted/will last less than 6 months. obviously, i am having a lot of self doubts now as to whether im the problem here, but i swear, i just always feel like my talents are just not being utilized. but i really don't get what kind of stuff fits me - all i'm really good at is talking to people...

this blog has really just gone to shit now. nothing about this post is about my gay life, or anything. gah.


  1. I work in an office like this as well. The big bosses (mostly lawyers) focus on the form and not the substance of the work. They also get bent out of shape for the same grammar "errors" you cited, even though it perfectly conveys the message. Instead we have style book we have to follow -- but guess what, styles change and they only keep editors busy while the rest of us do real work.

    That being said though, the upper bosses want people to conform to standards -- but I've never heard of gossiping as being required. That's a new one. I agreed that some women bosses bring their lady issues into the workplace, a prime example you noted is they take thing personally and hold grudges, just like in their home life. Many S8 guys complain to me that their GFs or wives, when they get into an argument will drag in things from 10 years ago. While men, in general, kind of let those thing pass.

    At the same time, I should say I have had two terrific female bosses before, who had the best qualities -- professional but also nurturing. Don't let these two bad example permanently cloud your view about lady bosses, maybe you just haven't had good luck with the first two.

    Perhaps you are overqualified for this position and that's why you feel underutilized and annoyed by what looks like mindless admin work -- if that's the case, time to move on to something else, because they are not going to change for you.