Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Being gay in the army

So FoC, you were asking me about how was it like for me being in the army surrounded by hot soldiers because I'm horny all the time.

Well, to tell you the truth, I didn't feel very horny in the army. Yes, it's true that I was surrounded by my fellow young, hotblooded 18 year old conscripts. But really, there were very few attractive guys around. I think it has to do with the whole jarhead thing for me. Everyone had the same haircut, the same glasses, the same uniform - it was all very bland. Another thing for me is, the lack of intellect of guys around me. For some reason I was relegated to a battalion that was just not really educated (it opened my eyes to my social standing that I always took for granted). When coupled with the lack of female specimens around on a remote island (our training facilities were at an offshore base kind of thing), these guys became very Neanderthal. I just honestly thought everyone was fucking stupid.

The first few months though was definitely quite interesting for me. That was my first military training experience, and I was this wide-eyed lil' punk who haven't previously spent so much time around naked guys. Most of the time though, I just went about my routines like a normal guy. Because I was heavily in the closet back then, I suppressed quite a lot of my sexual desires, and I saw most of the guys around me more as bros than anything else. Sure, I checked out the dudes with the big biceps whenever we wore our army tank tops. I also enjoyed kind of surveying the area whenever I knew an eye candy was going to take his shirt off. I also definitely lingered in bathrooms a lot longer than I needed to - I would always brush my teeth right when I knew the hot guys on my floor were gonna be taking a shower, and from the mirror I could see everything since there were no doors. Not gonna lie, I straight up stared at some of those guys because they looked really good naked. It's funny because now I remember that back then, loads of guys complimented my butt already...I guess I was always a bottom in the making trololol. Anyway, naturally also, I always gravitated to making friends with the good looking guys.

But other than that, I didn't entertain any thoughts of exploring anything sexually. More than anything it helped me become a lot more comfortable in my skin and my masculinity. It was the first time I actually had 'bros' in my life, and it was also the first time I became more comfortable just walking everywhere in just boxers or even just naked around guys. I was always deathly afraid I would get hard and people would find out about me but it didn't happen. Except one time, in Thailand when there was no one at the showers and I was scrubbing myself off and decided to give myself a lil jerk, when this guy comes in and I try to bend lower to cover my erection but he saw it and all he said was "wow" and then he walked on. That was pretty awkward. 

I was part of the reconnaissance team, and so when we weren't back at the barracks doing stupid PT shit, I was out on even stupider simulated field exercises where I walked like a dog through the thick tropical jungles for usually 4-5 days or more in my little team of 4 dudes. During those times, boys were never really on my mind. I would be covered in camouflage paint, smelling and sweating like crap, and trying goddamn hard to ignore the hunger pangs and the lactic acid in my legs while I prayed for the field exercise to be over. 

It also felt like I was the only gay guy that I knew in the army. What I mean by that was, 'my kind' of gay guy, i.e. not fabulicious nor beefcake. The gay guys were too flamboyant for my taste (and most were really weaksauce fragile), and most of the hot guys were just straight eye candy. There were certainly cases of other guys fooling around with each other. I know of this guy who had sex with two guys (separate occasions) in the bunk. None of them were hot (in fact, they were the antithesis of hot) so I didn't care less at all. 

So basically, there was nothing exciting going on. There weren't any sexually ambiguous encounters that I had, no hot naked instructor, no rampant military orgies, no cleaning of one's 'rifle' after a hard day's work of actually cleaning one's rifle. 

Sorry to disappoint.

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  1. Awww, all my fantasies dashed. I imagined being surround by other horny soldiers, that you would have some action stories.

    How long did your stint in the army last? So after you did your original conscription, are you now considered a reservist? Do you still have to practice marksmenship and other gun-stuff so you still stay proficient?