Friday, March 21, 2014

Eye candy, and World Down Syndrome Day

N and I can't stop obsessing over this dude. Haha. He's really adorable. We follow him on instagram and let's just say I've liked enough photos of his for him to call the cops on me... jk. Not at all that pathetic (or not...).

His name is Peter Sudarso, and he's like, some sort of fashion blogger and he models the clothes he's selling or something (idk, I just look at his pictures). He has a brother (at first I thought they were a couple - but turns out they're both straight), who's really fit too. I prefer Peter though; I just want to scrunch him up and put him in my pocket or something. I think it's pretty clear that I go for the cute/adorable/"twunk" (which means twink+hunk) kinda guys rather than the hairy/large/fuck-my-brains-out kind of dude.

Anyway, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves!


Dude's girlfriend. She's pretty cute too.

That's his brother.

On a totally unrelated note, and yes I know none of my entries ever segue right, today is World Down Syndrome Day. While I am usually very annoyed with all these "days" to celebrate total bullshit, like International Dance Day or International Friends Day or whatever (why can't there be an International Giant Orgy Day? Or is that because every day is one?) but this video really, really touched my heart. Being the little pussy bitch that I am, I cried.


  1. I never understood why some guys would exclude asians from the dating pool, some asian guys are damn cute and handsome.