Monday, March 17, 2014

If I die young

N called me a few days ago crying because his high school prom date killed herself and nobody knew why. He missed her funeral too because people didn't think he'll be back in London so early. He had nothing bad to say about her at all, and said she was truly a giant ball of fun.

I get pretty sad every time I know of a young person who commits suicide. Suicide was quite a real thing for me but honestly, I don't think I would be able to kill myself. I would have gone to a mental hospital or something and checked myself in, like the dude in It's Kind of a Funny Story, which is a movie I really liked and identified with when I saw it.

I think the thing about the Information Age is really that all the information some times has a very self-alienating effect on a person. We compare our lives with a lot of the froth that people put out there. Combined with the very self-absorbed selfie culture nowadays, it builds up and attacks people's self-confidence unnecessarily. It is safe to say many people don't have very realistic views of life. Me included for sure.

This entry is pretty somber so far. Anyway, all I know is, I'm always going to try and be the available listening ear to all my friends, if nothing more than just to let people know that they're not alone.

To make things a lil light-hearted, here's a coupla pics of a mighty fine guy, Walker Blanco. I'm a sucker for tanned skin, brunette hair, pillow lips and great eyes really. These might not be the best photos of him out there but well, to me, I really like them heh.




Cheers guys!


  1. Oh that's terrible news. People left wondering why and whether they could have done anything to intercede. I'm sure you will comfort N altho he is far away.

    1. N wrote a eulogy for her on Facebook (I guess that's what young people do these days...), and visited her grave and left her flowers. He said it was very pretty when he visited.

      Apparently she had been planning this for two months according to the police who looked at her computer, but no one still knows why she killed herself...