Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lupita Nyong'o

I just have to watch this movie even more now.

Lately, I've been trying to find the beauty inside me. And I really do think that for many people, even the unlikeliest as long as you give them a chance, there is so much beauty inside to discover and just, kind of appreciate really. People really are beautiful.

I'm also kind of drunk. I went out with a few friends that I haven't seen for a long time - a couple "bros" who wanted me to go to Taiwan for a couple days. I explained how I quit my job cos I hated it, and talked about how I'm moving to London because of the person I'm seeing. They asked who's the girl this time, is it the same one as before, who is this siren who has tamed the once "clubbing addict," or did I somehow hitch a married woman (why on earth people think that I'm a cub for cougars just really beats me - just because historically loads of older women always chat me up...)? It took a few glasses of wine for me to tell them that it's complicated and I was searching for who I really was for a very long time, and that my boyfriend has settled me down a lot.

I was so surprised it was completely a non-issue for them. For some reason, I always assumed that the guys who talked about girls the most/all the time would be the most homophobic. But many of them actually just brushed it off and be like, whatever really. That's so cool. One of them even said, "that's not even that big of a news, I'm getting married." Holy. Turns out the Taiwan trip was supposed to be a bachelor party!!! Dafuq!!! Haha!!!

We're now planning to go to Macau this weekend. Because my dear N is a dude too, he's cordially invited haha. V has an uncle who gambles a shit load, so we're shooting for a free penthouse suite at the Venetian. D u d e. This is why I love having friends in high places waahahaha.

I'm so happy how everything is turning out for my buds around me. This girl I was super close to in high school too, recently told me she's probably gonna get married next year. I was actually so happy when I heard that. She's this Indian chick who escaped to NYC for a PhD because her mom wanted to have an arranged marriage for her, but now she found a dude, and best of all, he's Indian too so her family's super supportive about it all hahaha!!! (for a while I thought she only liked Chinese guys which didn't sit well with her super conservative Brahmin family)

Also btw, I booked my GMAT test to be on the 26th March. AHHHH. I NEED TO GET CRACKIN'. Like a Kraken hehehe. God damn it my humor really sucks when I'm tipsy.


  1. It's hard for people to "see" the beauty inside, you have to show it by the way you act. I believe that if you are beautiful on the inside, you will attract people who will treat you the same way.

    1. sorry, i meant focus on the beauty inside.