Thursday, March 6, 2014

Model Crush

So there's this male model that I think is ridiculously hot and I may have a tiny crush on him (i.e. I stalked all hashtags of his name on Instagram). I would link his pictures over here, but the problem is, N and he used to go out for a bit. Disregarding the fact that it is quite slutty of myself to fawn over N's "ex-thing" (he insists they only went on a couple of dates so it wasn't really anything other than a "thing"), he is a PhD guy, perfect hair, incredibly chiseled, and apparently a bottom. Yet he was super closeted back when N was with him though, probably because he was RA at N's school. Wahahaha.

Such awesome shenanigans. Funny but I feel pretty good about myself that N chose to settle down with someone like me over someone like him! Really goes to show that looks and a killer bod can only get you so far.

Another thing is, he's actually very likely going to become a really famous male supermodel in the next few years, as he's getting back into modeling now that he's done with school. So all the more I shouldn't be linking his pictures here...argh.

Because I am way too lazy to sculpt myself to that stage, I honestly would be perfectly satisfied with even just having friends who look like that, hehe.

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  1. Eye candy . . . a low calorie treat. :-)