Monday, March 10, 2014

N leaves for London tomorrow...

only for two weeks for Persian New Year, but still. That's a heck of a long time for us to be apart.

We have bought gifts for his mom - he bought her a very intricate porcelain tea-brewing cup thingy, very Chinese very cool, and a 乌龙茶饼, or oolong tea "cake" (basically, it's a big round dried and compacted slab of oolong tea leaves compressed to form a "cake"). My dad is also giving his mom this pretty big porcelain horse for the Year of the Horse, since N's mom loves anything porcelain. N said his mom might give us a Persian rug in return, which is cool! Pretty darn cross-cultural.

We have thought about having kids and we're realizing that finding a surrogate half-Chinese half-Persian child-bearing woman who is smart, beautiful, tall, and healthy is going to be extremely difficult. Maybe just snatch her eggs and pass it over to someone in the states to carry them, since there's a huge system of surrogate mothers over there apparently. I heard from my dad's friend that that's what her friends have been doing (couples who are unable to have kids). 

It might be good that N's leaving, because the GMAT is in 14 days and I am very ill-prepared still. All I've done so far is a diagnostic test to see which areas I'm weak at and work on those first - each area I've tested so far though, my results have put me in the 'Excellent' range. What is the use for this shit? Clearly the official guide has very low standards for excellent...I guess I'm just going to have to study math more first though, my verbal skills are really a lot stronger. 

I'm still nervous all the time though. Can't really seem to calm myself down until I am done with the GMAT, and that I get a definite offer from at least 1 of my 2 target schools. I did the video interview last week for one of them - it didn't go so well because I only had very cliched answers for the questions - like for Who is the most influential person in the world? I really wanted to say the Gen. Sec. of China for his reformative measures, but I didn't know much about what he's reforming, so I talked about...Bill Gates. Way to be original dude. And other questions stumped me too, and the whole setup was weird and awkward because to accommodate for time differences, the interview was really just questions that showed up on screen, and I had 10 seconds to think and 2 minutes to answer via my myself. 

I'll talk more about my dad in the future, but it's nice that he told me that he really thinks that N and I are really one of the best couples he has seen so far, even better than most straight couples, because we virtually do not argue even after so many months of living together. I can't help but just feel lucky all the time that I've gotten the trickiest bit of life figured out. It's strange though because I do have thoughts some times of either one of us getting hit by a car and the thought of carrying on life after is just unbearable...this is probably due to the mystery surrounding the missing Malaysian Airlines plane; I have been keeping myself super updated on it because it's really just very unsettling and makes me feel that life is really unpredictable some times and nothing should be taken for granted.

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  1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Plus you probably will be in constant contact with N.

    Good luck on studying for your exam.