Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tinder, London, GMAT

So a few weird things have happened. Firstly, after about a full day of using Tinder, I had about 80 matches and I deleted it off. To think N actually downloaded it after!!! Wtf! After using it for 3 days he has 500+ matches...that slutty lil ho-bag. We both agreed to delete it now.

Anyway, I was really nervous in the morning for my GMAT. I've only done about 7 practice tests, and I was gonna sit for the thing without buying any study guides or textbooks whatever. I did an official practice the night before and got 750/800 for that, which put me in the 98 percentile, but I felt that my score was overly inflated because the math was amazingly easier than the previous practices. I got into the car with my dad (he was going off to the airport), and when we were making a turn, this truck rammed into the side of the left passenger seat where my dad was at.

The impact pushed my dad over to me and I was really frightened for a few seconds. My dad's driver got out and started yelling at the truck driver for going straight on a turning lane. Thankfully everyone was going relatively slowly, so no one was hurt... I looked over at the truck driver and the guy was so clearly shitting his pants. I think he must have been overworked or something (it was in the morning, and he looked like he was in his 60-70s) and I just felt bad for him.

Anyway, I was also shitting bricks, so I quickly hailed a cab, got in, and went to the test center. Traffic was bad along the way and I was afraid I was gonna be late. Then I received an email from a school in London that asked me to log on to their portal, but fucking hell, I forgot my password and I started panicking even more and started swearing in the cab. I finally got into the portal and heaved a huge sigh of relief. I got accepted! Huzzah! It's the school that N is going to haha. I told him the good news and immediately he called me and started squealing and saying he's happier than when he himself got accepted haha. He kept saying that he's so proud of me and that I'm actually going to London with him. :)

To be honest, his school is like, no. 3 out of the 5 that I'm applying for. It's a great university, I mean my sister graduated from law school there too, but when it comes to business/management/finance, it's not as great as the other 2 I'm shooting for.

Anyway, GMAT was just really horrible. I ran out of time for the Quant section and had to guess everything in the end. I was really pissed off because the math was so much harder than the practice I did. I was really pissed so I rushed through the whole thing in the end so that I could leave earlier. In the end my score isn't that great...710 puts me at the 92nd percentile. While realistically it's a great score, but I'm still sore because I know I can get at least 730 and above. My quant was a mere 70th percentile which is really bad. And it also pisses me off because my McK friend got a 730 from his test a week ago. Gah.

I'm oddly ultra competitive when it comes to standardized test taking. I always have this need to prove to myself that I can achieve similar or even better scores than my peers while studying half as hard as them. My McK friend took a prep class for US$1000 (paid by McK though, those consulting douchebags) though, so I'm taking solace in that fact. It's very petty for me to think this way, but I've always liked being the apathetic smart guy of the class. It's almost like I actually love how lazy and unmotivated I am about everything. But the problem with this is that the real world hardly works that way, which is why I struggled to organize myself in my last job and got frequently called out for being haphazard with everything. Not that any of that had any consequences. Like there actually wasn't any fucking point in balancing out the left/right margins by an inch because it was misaligned, as if the client's going to nitpick on the formatting to such an anal extent.

Truthfully, the way I see it, for the people that nitpick on my disorganization, I see them as presbyopic individuals who are unable to see things from a big picture perspective. They are so caught up with the minute details, that the perfectionists in them will rarely ever succeed.

I use this article as one of my defenses for the unrepentant brat that I actually am. Smart, lazy people, when confronted with a difficult problem, will think of the easiest way out of it. I've always tried to find the easiest route in life to get to where I want. But the problem with this is, when I can't find the easiest solution in sight, I am very unwilling to stick it through the tough times. Hence me quitting my previous two jobs. Don't get me wrong - those two were horribly wrong for me. But a more rational person would have stuck through and stayed miserable for 1-2 years before quitting each of them.

I also use this to defend myself from running/jogging. I hate anything that has to do with running.


  1. Congrats on getting into your school. Now you and N can be together. That's win-win.

  2. Now I know what to show to people who accuse me of being lazy !

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