Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tinder vs. Jack'd vs. Grindr.

I was skyping N and his other friend last night, this black dude from NYC visiting London and staying at N's place, who says he is bisexual but eh, idk...I'm real iffy about the whole bi thing but who am I to judge eh?

Anyway, he was talking about how he has only swiped right three times on Tinder ever, and he says the quality of dudes and dudettes is really lacking. To amuse myself on a Saturday night alone at home, because as pathetic as it sounds I'm not particularly motivated to "hit the town" when N isn't with me, I decided to download Tinder and compare it with Jack'd and Grindr. 

When I downloaded it, I was really annoyed that it forces me to sign in with Facebook, but then I got why this is a requirement. They're trying to ensure that "real" people use it. It preloads your Facebook name and age (so you can't change them), and only lets you pick pictures that are on your Facebook. 

So after choosing a coupla pictures, I went to the Settings page, and instructed the app to restrict the ages to 18-30, and to show me Men and Women. Yeah dude, bring on them bitches and hos. Then I went to work hehe.

I basically swiped everyone to the right (which means that I'm interested in them), except for two guys: one's N's ridiculously hideous reptilian/amphibious-looking ex-boyfriend, and the other is this DJ at a swanky hotel here that previously hit on N.

After using it for about 12 hours, I've learned a few things:
  1. Sometimes I accidentally swipe too fast, and swiped 'yes' to my best friend's gay Greek friend (who has a twin), and it was funny because he thanked me for swiping him...
  2. The straight girls on the app are better looking than the gay dudes, but then again maybe it's just the sheer numbers (I get approximately 5 girls to every guy). 
  3. Unlike other apps, I like that it lets me know who is interested in me, really touches the self-indulgent self-absorbed side of me (and let's face it, everyone else).
  4. It forces you to use Facebook pictures, things are definitely a lot more G-rated.
  5. The layout is very slick and fresh, I like it a lot. 
  6. In ascending order: I had matches for 2 white girls, 3 Asian girls, 11 white guys, and 29 Asian guys. 
  7. Conclusion: Gay men like me a lot more than straight women. Womp. 
  8. Once again, the people who 'liked' me, I have no interest in, but the people that I genuinely hovered over their profile and was like 'hey he's cute' (like this jocky bartender at the gay night that I was at a couple nights ago, I took screenshots of his profile haha), didn't right-swipe me back. It makes me wonder if almost every relationship is just a compromise of one person going out of his league and the other just 'settling'...
  9. It ain't that fun trolling people... I was thinking of doing something like this guy at Became stale real quickly.. 
Anyway, so that's it really. I quite like it! I'm probably gonna delete it by the end of today though because well, N's getting jealous haha. 


  1. So do you have a "look but don't touch" policy with N? Hookup sites probably are excluded too.

    1. Hookup sites/dating apps are definitely no longer in the picture, and I don't feel the urge to go on them anyway. But porn is fair game. I watch a shit ton of porn all the time; can't help it - I'm young and always horny!

    2. Being horny all the time, how did you survive your national service stint being surrounded by all those hot soldiers? What was that like? What service branch were you in? Maybe you can blog about the experience?