Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wednesgay night

I went out last night for dinner with two girl friends and we went over to a bar after where there was this cute short lil pinoy guy who was singing live, and boy, was he fucking good. He sang all the crowd favorites (crowd being mostly me and my friends lol, wednesday night so it was quiet) and we sang along real loud. In the end he invited me up to sing with him and I was really nervous! I'm not very good with these kind of public performance things...It was kinda fun though, everyone was cheering me on.

Then we went to a gay night at this club and it was free entry + free drinks whuuttt. I ended up getting pretty tipsy and I am definitely getting old, I feel really hungover today...arghh. I haven't gone clubbing for ages. It's a club frequented by quite a lot of models, so everyone was pretty cute. My friends were saying "omg!!! Everyone's so hot but so gay! I feel so invisible!" The shirtless bartenders were really muscular and hot too, and I was definitely staring for a long time. Met some of my friend's friends, both were very nice people. We didn't really do much cos after getting a few free drinks we were all pretty buzzed, and it was a workday, and so my friends had to head home, plus I wasn't on the lookout at all. I'm so terribly happy with N and it really shows. I didn't entertain a single thought of fooling around or whatever. One of the gay guys that was a friend of a friend, he was saying how he's a single lady (when Beyonce's song was on, duh), and my friend was like, "wait what didn't I just meet your boyfriend???" and he replied, "Yes you did, but duhhh we are in an open relationship!" and gave her a 'it's so normal you must not be from around here' look. It kind of depressed me a bit, because while they were very nice people, they were clearly very promiscuous.

It's just kind of sad that this is the norm for a lot of young guys. I was telling my dad that most of my gay friends are actually sensible and don't want open relationships, but I did an actual calculation - I'm only close to 1 gay guy, R, who does want to settle down in a committed monogamous relationship. The rest are acquaintances, and they sure as hell are promiscuous. I know two gay couples my age, and one of them almost broke up because he caught his boyfriend still asking for dick pics on Grindr and his boyfriend just retorted "I'm not sexually satisfied with you because your body isn't hot enough" which is the fucking meanest thing ever. The other pair is a bunch of dumb Muscle Maries (actually, they're not dumb at all, they went to an Ivy) who are actually kind of adorable because they're practically married, like N and I. Everyone else I know is just a big whore. While this is from Cosmopolitan and hence carries zero weight, I smiled at each of the bullet points. That's how N and I are. There sure are some mighty cynical people in the comments section though.

[edit: Just got back from Macklemore's concert. I started crying when Same Love was played. The song is always so emotional for me.]


  1. Until you blogged about it earlier, I never heard of persian new year before. I saw this story on NPR and thought you might be interested:

    1. Thank you FoC!!!! What an informative article. N was spring cleaning yesterday haha. He got rid of a few of his shelves to make space for me when I'm gonna be moving in with him in London :D He also bought a few new clothes (simple t shirts) from Primark (which is like H&M) for our trip to Thailand in May.