Friday, April 4, 2014

Moving in

N called in sick today because he has been working really bad shifts even though he has been jetlagged since coming back from London, and slept in. It's really weird this whole switcharoo thing - it's always been the case that only one of us has been working at the same time. We watched Glee together and there's this episode (not sure if it's the newest one since I don't watch it) and there's this gay couple that were facing problems because they rushed and moved in together without taking things slow and one felt really suffocated by the other. Disregarding the fact that I think Kurt Hummel's character is ridiculously annoying, it was interesting food for thought because for a while I did feel suffocated by N too. He still is pretty needy, but in an adorable way. And boy am I glad that things worked out for us even though we rushed our relationship pretty fast. 

He also got a bit drunk from the sake we were drinking for dinner and played this song and started singing along real off-tune to it. Hahaha. <3

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  1. I think I prefer a little bit of needy rather than the opposite where he doesn't interact enough with you.