Thursday, May 29, 2014

A magical proposal and grad school

What's up everyone!!! I'm back from an incredible trip to Thailand and I loved it so much there. Our villa was incredible, the service was great, the beach was great, everything was perfect. I'm real tanned now which is great. Food was amazing, everywhere also smelled like lemongrass which is amazeballs, and Thai people are also pretty good-looking!

N and I also had sex in the infinity pool facing the amazing view, multiple times. Hahaha. We both busted in the pool which was kinda gross but hot too. It has always been a fantasy of mine to have pool sex and underwater jizz haha.

The other two friends on our trip with us also had a blast. The surprise proposal was a resounding romantic success. The French guy booked out the private beach dining area and it was filled with rose petals and everything was in white and ohso-romantic. The Swiss-Chinese said "Fuck yeah!" and the rest is history.

Funny thing is the next day they both went to a gay massage and the French guy got fucked by his masseur...I don't get gay relationships to be honest, everyone's super chill about sleeping around. N and I reaffirmed that we will not become like that no matter what. The other couple told us "oh you're just young..." I think it's different for us haha.

Anyhow, no judging there I guess...

I also bear very good news. I got into all the schools I applied to. I also got into my dream business school. Omfg. I'm so excited. Haha. The school is incredibly incredibly prestigious and career-oriented which is gonna help my London job-hunting so much. I was jumping up and down with joy last night when I heard back from them.

Some times I think I'm really not confident enough of my abilities. I need to be more confident of myself. I'm going to do school right this time, and fully immerse myself in all activities and try my darndest to milk career services for all its worth to land myself an amazing job. I'm also very keen on joining the LGBT business network so that I can milk my gay "minority-ness"also for my job search. I think in some ways, gay people help fellow gay people out so that'll be good.

I'm back in the motherland for a while before heading for Japan next week. So far I've met up with the weirdest friends here...I have such odd acquaintances back home seriously. But it's been chill so far though.


  1. That view is absolutely beautiful, the water and trees. Can I come you on your next vacation? You seem to know all the best vacation spots. As for the gay relationship thing, I think every relationship is different. I know for a fact that when I get a bf he won't be messing around with anyone else unless he wants me to dump him haha. Just ignore what everyone else says about what you're relationship should be like because what you're doing works for you. Congrats on getting into all your schools! That's awesome! I'm really jealous that you're moving to London haha

  2. Congrats on everything. Use this success to build up your self confidence.

  3. having pool sex is and has always been my fantasy. lol
    I find it hilarious about the newly-engaged couple of going to massage center and getting laid knowing the fact that they are ..JUST engaged. what the fuck?! I don't think one being older and mature would gonna have done such thing just because they are not young anymore?
    I don't know. Gay relationship is such a far cry from a normal relationship I have used to see.

    1. pool sex is great! hahaha. a bj underwater is kinda hard tho hehe

      yeah i's really sad that quite a few gay relationships i know all tend towards being promiscuous...

  4. "I don't get gay relationships to be honest, everyone's super chill about sleeping around. N and I reaffirmed that we will not become like that no matter what."

    So the threesome did happen

    They were right! Lol! ;)

    1. :) N and I are learning as we are growing up haha