Sunday, May 11, 2014

I'm boring?

Man. I don't like it that people think just because I'm moral it means that I'm either religious or boring. N and I went out tonight with a few of his gay friends, two who are gonna get married soon but still are in an open relationship idkwtfthatis, and when I mentioned that "oh actually in London I only ever met up with one guy which is N and the rest is history" they all scowled at me and were like "ugh! that's so boring!" and proceeded to tell me about how I need fuckbuddies, because "well, you see, my boyfriend doesn't like it when I play with his nipples, so I need a fuck buddy to play nipples! You need one too!"

I really don't. And then I get frowned upon for being a prude. What? I don't like feeling like I am boring because I am monogamous and super blissfully attached...they all were sniggering and saying "in four years' time you will want an open relationship." In four years' time I would like to have kids, and be a good example for them.

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  1. Why do you care what others think? The only person you need to please is yourself and N.