Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Life of a bored tai-tai

I am motherfucking bored. All I do is wait around for things to happen. I don't really know how to pass time constructively - I'm horrible with all the extremely silly "feel-good" let's-become-vegan or let's-learn-krav-maga kind of shit; too cynical for that yo!

A random hot dude from da interwebz
So in the end, because N is working the night shift this and next week, I just watch a lot of porn. Can'tstopwon'tstop. Temptation of Eve is actually a brilliant porn studio for me, because it's kinda artistic, featuring really hot dudes (e.g. some dude called Jay Parks), and they're all solos. Please don't ask me why but solos get me off the most out of all porn genres. That, and shower scenes.

Because I've exhausted my dick, and I've exhausted my patience over the lagginess of League of Legends, I shall blog before I hit the shower and sleep after. I mostly like showering before sleep, because it makes me feel clean and smell good before jumping under the sheets. Great feeling really.

Anyway, my Shanghai trip was a whale of a time. We were staying at my bestest friend's house, Y, as she's studying her second part of her master's there (one year in Paris, the second in Shanghai - how awesome!). Her place was incredibly ghetto-looking from the outside; I def. felt kinda afraid when I saw this old man showering outside on the streets. But it turned out to be not as ratchet as we thought it would be. My second bestest friend T arrived the next morning, and the four of us all slept on one giant bed.

HA! Isn't that kinda crazy. Good thing is, we four are extremely close and comfortable with each other, plus we're all mad skinny asian betches so no problem squeezing. Y and T kept squealing whenever N and I would playfully cuddle or stuff in bed and they'll be like "ugh kill me now i hate people in love" LOL. It was also really funny because Y woke up to N snuggling up on her shoulder and she's like "omfg personal space PERSONAL SPACEEE" wahahhaa

This is my second time to Shanghai. Shanghai is kinda divided across The Bund into Pudong and Puxi (East and West). Puxi btw, is pronounced Poo-see. N kept thinking I was saying pussy, so we decided that we were Pussies in Puxi.

The first time I went to Shanghai, I was staying at the Ritz in Pudong. It's basically the financial part of Shanghai, full of residential high-rises along with banks etc. Puxi is a lot more organic and old. My first time there, I was led by a college friend who went to international school and basically spoke shit Mandarin and brought us to all those pretentious expat places that I was frankly very bored at.

This time, I roughed it out with my Pussies in Puxi gang. Well, other than getting my dad's chauffeur in Shanghai to take us between the airport and Y's place hahaha. From walking everywhere (T is a typical pampered HK girl who kept complaining about how far we had to walk lol), to going to extremely cheap dive bars, to ridiculously hipster coffee joints, to eating street food, to smoking a joint right in front of the cops because they don't know the smell of weed, it was all amazing. Lol. I have to say, I do quite enjoy a more "real" experience when visiting a place, rather than how I've always done it with my family where we stay at some 5-6 star hotel and take cabs everywhere we go and only cover tourist spots and Michelin restaurants...this time I had redonkulously awesome food and everything was Omg. Shanghai is cheaper than Hong Kong and I love that haha.

Also, pollution was totally not as bad as I thought, plus the weather was actually perfect because it would rain at night and in the day there was no smog and it was pretty chilly so I felt like I was breathing in some Japanese countryside. Company was beyond terrific - I am so, so blessed to have Y and T in my life who have fully embraced N and all four of us have become a great gang together.

Here are a couple of pictures pulled from the net (this is essentially what I saw):

French Concession along the Bund at Puxi
However, I think N wasn't used to street food in China, or maybe the general spiciness of stuff, or maybe it was because we stayed out late most nights and he came back to night shifts, but he has been ill for the past two weeks. Gah. He took 4 days off in fact. Flu. Tonight he went back to work, and he texted me that Latin music has reinvigorated him and he feels a lot better now. Lol.

I have my interview with an alumnus of my #1 school choice next Monday. Initially I was glad that after a bit of Facebook/LinkedIn stalking, she seems chill (and pretty) plus an alum interview should be pretty casual, but she wants me to go to her office... I hope this isn't going to be some tough nut interview :/ 

Then, next Friday, N officially ends his internship, and will be free to frolic with my unemployed ass! Two of his friends, a gay couple, will also be spending a week in HK before going with us to Koh Samui. We plan to go to Ocean Park (some water theme park here), and Macau, and probably hike up to the Big Buddha (I've done this twice before, meh), and go hit gay clubs up. I also have a friend visiting from home. I met up with her when I went back to the motherland for 4 short days..cos my bro was back in town from Aussieland so my dad wanted a big family reunion and look where that got us...fucking family squabbling to no end again. Seriously, my family is THE epitome of a "model" family from the outside but from the inside it's reaaaallly dysfunctional. Everyone's always like, oh the husband is so successful in his career, the wife is pretty and cooks really well and is doing her own investments, and the kids are all smart, good-looking, and have bright futures ahead...I mean all that's kinda true (humility is definitely not in my genes), but the sum of everything really kinda dilutes all these plus points... May looks to be pretty exciting. At Koh Samui we are also staying at a redonk luxe resort, but because we are broke young kids and the other two earns quite a bit of moolah, they're paying an additional 1000 pounds more so we're getting a really good deal haha. 

Hoping to get a good tan in Koh Samui
In June, we're going to Japan for a coupla days with my homeboy J (thankfully not with his girlfriend, who is kinda annoying because she's supes whiny about J not being a good-enough boyfriend, where my reply is always kind of like, well, then ditch him.), and then N and I will be going on a true couple holiday in Cambodia to see the great Angkor Wat. 

Angkor Wat temples

In July, a friend from college is touring Asia, so I think I'm gonna hash out deets of traveling to a coupla places in China with him and N. 

I'm hoping to cover these few places:

Of course I gotta bring N here!
Good if we can see the terracottas too
And for some nature stuff, Jiuzhaigou.
Supes pumped brah! I am trying to save money by staying at really cheap hotels or airbnb places just so I can sort of spend within the budget of whatever I've earned over the past year in my shitty on-and-off jobs. 

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  1. So did you only eat street food in Shanghai? No fancy places?

    You have exciting upcoming months, you won't be bored then.