Thursday, June 26, 2014


it has been a while. N and i have just been traveling a lot recently. we haven't gotten sick of each other which is good news lol. since my last post i have been to tokyo, osaka, kyoto, and siem reap in cambodia to see angkor wat and other famed temples.

you know what, the world is actually an incredibly beautiful and gorgeous place. everywhere is brimming with stories and culture and whatnot. i love reading travel magazines too, every time i fly. today i learned that pu'er in china not only produces its famous pu'er tea but also makes coffee too. among other things.

i also really like watching animal planet stuff. a few days ago it poured like crazy in cambodia so we couldn't go out and see lara croft's tomb raider temple, so we cuddled in bed at the hotel and watched animal planet and gah. i love mother nature.

there isn't much point to this, just felt like i needed to update the blog!

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