Sunday, July 20, 2014

Snap back to reality

Wow. So I've travelled quite a lot haha. I recently spent about two weeks in China, and I'm back home now because my grandmother got gravely ill and so I flew back straightaway to see her. More on that later.

China. What can I say about China? I've not been to China for many many years (I do not count Shanghai really part of China to be honest, and certainly not Hong Kong), so all these years I've defended it a lot by saying that it's developed a lot and it's not as "commie" as people think. After this trip though, I feel that China still has a long way to go. The people are still extremely uncultured, rude, and loud. And there are just way way too many people in China. Like, you seriously will not understand the meaning of crowds until you go to China. I recognize how coming from such a country, you develop a complex of not giving a flying fuck about anyone else. I had to wrestle with old people and young kids who were unruly boarding up buses or queueing in the lines etc. It was pretty cray cray basically. The places I went to in China were amazingly beautiful, however the sheer number of people there made me feel like I was in a very good restaurant with horrific service.

These are stock pictures from the Internet of a few places I went to coz I'm too lazy to upload my pictures but yeah.

Anyway, so I'm home now and I visited my grandma and...I actually brought N with me and introduced him as my boyfriend. She was so nice about it (my dad told her a day before I brought him along so she knew already) and told me that he's very handsome and we will have very attractive babies. When I left the room she told my mom that she must be open-minded about this and accept me for who I am, as she said I am a very good boy. I cried a lot actually, when we were reminiscing about the times she cooked a lot of my favorite dishes when I was younger and when she was fitter.

Now I am worrying about getting a job in London...I met up with an alum and he said how from September to December he applied for 60 jobs, got 20 interviews, and only 2 offers... I'm like holy fucking poop bro. I still don't know what kind of stuff I should apply...Gah.

Life is so competitive lmao goddammit.


  1. Sorry to hear about your grandma, hope she gets better. Great that she's supportive of you and N.

    You should not worry about getting a job yet, you have to get thru school first. Or is a job you were hoping to get while going to school?

  2. it's actually really competitive cos the job application window is from october-december so pretty much when i start school in september i have to start sending out applications which is pretty overwhelming

    1. Whoo-hoo! Love your new profile picture, I know it's not you, but I can see why you choose it. He's lovely.