Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Career Services

I've been bombarded with so many career services talk the last few days. Woefully practical is my course in that it focuses straight away on employment. I'm still surprisingly jetlagged after Iran (what the actual fuck it's been a week). Also, G (Threesome boy) and I have become pretty good friends on the very comical basis that I think we both find each other attractive, and actually have quite a bit in common. He looks really angelic / innocent (kinda like me), but inside is one kinky little devil. He told me he once had two cocks up in his ass. What the actual fuck!?! I may or may not be vicariously living my kinkiness off him. I don't think I'll ever do anything with him though, because I don't want to ever jeopardize anything with N for sure.

Also, I really do love being not so "obvious" on the gay scale because I can just chat up straight guys in the locker room and they'll just completely strip in front of me and all is fine and dandy in the world. meanwhile i secretly stare and size everyone up.

Anyway, it seems like I have to recalibrate my ambition of landing em-bee-bee in London...apparently none have hired from my program which is yet another what the actual fuck!?? i've so many friends in the chicago office with mc-kay though...gah, why wasn't the US market better when i was still in undergrad :(

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