Thursday, September 25, 2014

N's Dad

I've been pretty overwhelmed by school, job applications, networking events/presentations, etc. It's pretty exhausting.

N told me two days ago his dad (who's not in London, but in the Middle East) called his mom and said that he had a nightmare that N "turned" gay. He started interrogating N's mom about the true nature of my relationship with him, etc. She pretended she knew nothing.

He told her if he finds out he's gay, he will either kick him out of the house, or move his sister out because she cannot be in the same house as him. He also told his mom to get N to invite his girlfriend ASAP to the house to introduce her to the family.

This has added a new level of stress for me because his dad has a historical record of domestic abuse. Although he isn't in London now, he is slated to visit in a few weeks' time, and I am afraid he will lash it out on either his mom, N, or me. N said that when he visits we will both be sleeping in separate rooms so it'll be civil. His dad also a track record of making life unbearably difficult for N whenever he feels N is rebellious - this will bound to affect our relationship.

I am really hoping nothing will happen...

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  1. What terrible situation to be in. All you can do is support N; let him deal with his family. If you intervene too much, I can see you being blamed for "turning" N gay, even though that's an irrational idea.