Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Counselling tomorrow

So, I'm going to be seeing my school therapist tomorrow.

Not sure why really. All I know is maybe it's good to talk to someone. I'll try and keep an open mind.

I've had major major fights with N again over our living situation, to the point we actually almost were on the verge of breaking up.

I've also been incredibly stressed out about finding a job, and generally just not believing in myself enough, when honestly, credentials- & personality-wise, I am very well-qualified. I just somehow have this feeling that my luck is terrible, and I'll end up having nothing in London.

I'm really tired of this networking bullshit. Mostly because I have to always kind of..."act" as if I'm sooo interested in these companies when really, all's that in my head is scoping out the hot guys in the room. Life is actually really boring without constant eye candy for me.

Very oddly enough, even though as mentioned above I feel very unsure and unconfident about myself, I am somehow very sure that I am quite sick of the people around me. I've always had a crawling sense of misanthropy about me, but really in a professional setting, I can't help but just be very annoyed that most of my peers who are, I guess, my "competition" are just obtuse and hopeless. And I get very impatient when they can't seem to get the right logical reasoning, or beat about the bush way too much.

Anyway, it's really late.

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  1. You probably are frustrated and need an outlet. Hopefully the therapist can help you gain more insight into yourself and provide you with some coping mechanisms.