Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gushingly in love

I read this and couldn't stop smiling and relating this back to my life with N.

#1 is so true for N and I. I tend to get up a little earlier than him (when we both can afford to sleep in) and so I'll be on my phone first and then I'll just look and smile at him sleeping for a bit. He'll then get up, and immediately have this large sheepish smile across his face and he reaches over and touches my cheek and says "cutie pie good morning"

#2 okay no, we don't do that. But N always knows when I'm in a bad mood which is like, fucking frequent. He's always encouraging me to be more optimistic, and to worry less, and he'll always watch Friends with me at home because he knows that it makes me really happy. He'll also sing songs by Jessie J or Ariana Grande and sing it way off-key and sassily tell me "I can sing so much higher than these girls I should be an international popstar" and it always makes me laugh because he is literally so.bad. at singing.

We also frequently text on this IM app called Line (it's like Whatsapp, but way cuter cos it was basically made for Asians) and text each other these stickers:

#3. I do that to N all the time, mostly because well he's 6 inches taller than me! He'll be washing the dishes and I'll rush up from behind and hug him so tightly and kiss his neck (that's as high as I can reach, gah). 

#4. N likes to do this goofy smile to me across the room and does a kissy thing with his lips while closing his eyes for a split second, so that no one else will see haha. 

#5. Okay fuck bubble baths I don't have time fo dat shit! But there have been times when N would have cooked and prepared my dinner for me along with a bottle of chilli powder beside it because he knows I loveee my spice hah

#6. This happens now every time we meet at Leicester Square, because we eat a lot of Chinese food. He'll describe me the exit he's at, and I'm like, you know I'm horrible with directions, I'm standing here beside two massively overweight girls with piercings (I like giving stupid directions like that), and he'll come and find me and we'll smile and kiss immediately. 

#7 okay that doesn't happen too, and I don't really like that...I'm not a girl I can open the door myself. But we do hold hands before getting out of the car and he'll kiss my cheek.

#8 is arguably one of N's biggest flaws. Whenever we are over visiting his friends and I know no one, he is extremely clueless and doesn't always introduce me to them, or make me feel included, and I tend to get really really angry with him because I'm not exactly the most social person, especially when it comes to his friends. They're mostly esoteric (since they're all dancers), pretty fat (because they're not Asian - I'm too used to skinny Asian girls), broke (so we go to really shit bars/clubs where u can fucking get a table for 40quid that is laughably pathetic) and really not funny at all. And yet on the other hand he has friends who have like private jets and ex-models and stuff, but he doesn't hang with them as much. And yeah, sue me, I'm shallow.

#9 HaahHahAHaha okay no. Just no.

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