Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ranting about gay douchebags

Pah. So I've joined my school's LGBT club and honestly so far.

I fucking hate it.

What do you get when you take a gay man, put him in one of the "top three" consulting firms in the world, and then put him into one of the best schools in the world?

Fucking douchebags.

Seriously. These guys prance around being all so fake-friendly but alarmingly aloof and distant. Every single time I see them I really have to try soo hard to be friendly to them but none of them will ever make the first move to speak to me/acknowledge my presence. It's like, ooh okay, I get it, you're Mr. Bigshot, I'm Mr. Small Fry, like whatever really lawls. Like literally, this one baldie has looked at me eye to eye 4-5 times now, and we stand in a circle, and he won't say hi to me, even though I've initiated the first few times. Another dude, I had a COFFEE chat with him for 30 minutes, and he still doesn't say hi to me. In fact our coffee chat was so painful because he was so distracted and completely disinterested with what I had to say...seriously not sure why he even agreed to meet up as a "mentor"

The worst thing? Every single one of them is actually really unattractive. There literally isn't any mildly good-looking guy at all.

I've also started really dreading the gay bar scene. Usually, the walls are lined with creepy old dudes just completely leering at every single young person walking by, then it's filled with these rude diva bitches. it's incredibly stupid really. This just happened to me with a friend of a friend, who was being introduced to us, and I wanted to do the usual friendly 'hey man nice to meet you' with my hand out there for a handshake but this lil dipshit kept his hands in his pockets and just pursed his lips and did a really curt 'hello' without even really looking at me and my other friend. Like, seriously?

Where did all this horribly immature self-entitlement come from for these guys? I'm so glad I got out of this desire to go gay clubbing all the time now. Suffice to say, the more level-headed gay guys don't hang around the 'gay scene' and it's becoming really clear to me now why this is so.

Meanwhile, I also realized that I've not experienced a lot of Grindr/Tinder douchebags for a really long time since I've been together with N for more than a year now, so it was really interesting (and exasperating) when a friend was showing me screenshots of giant douchebags on Grindr.

Man, why do gay people have to be so catty and bitchy all the time? And not even in a good way! I love sass! But only good sass! Friendly, irreverent and genuinely funny sass.


On the other end of the spectrum, this gay dude in my class is really pissed off with me and we're probably not going to be friends anymore, because he thinks I'm a gay douchebag. We were talking on FB when I told him something like "hahaha btw the first few weeks of school loads of people asked me if you're gay after I told them I have a boyfriend because they wanted to check lol cos they thought u were obviously one of us" and he got really pissed off because he said I was stuck in my "ancient" mentality that femme = gay and femme = bad and he said "I'm not even gay, I'm bisexual!" - right after telling me that he loves bottoming so much that he could cum without even touching his dick, yeah okay,

And I told him, I never said that femme = bad, and that I wasn't going to tell him who asked me if he's gay, because they didn't say that out of homophobia or disgust or with the intention to slander anyone, besides this dude kept referring to them "spreading rumors" and I'm're's not a rumor...and he told me I just don't understand don't I? What if he went around telling everyone that oh I lied to everyone about having a girlfriend? And I told him well, that honestly reflects poorly on you rather than me, because people can say whatever they want and tbh it's such a silly rumor who cares

And he was all being catty and saying "Ok conversation over. Good night! :)" And i told him off "seriously the fact u're so fucking riled up over this shows u're probably a lot more insecure than u think u are. it's actually some times so hard to talk to u." now OK this is my bad because i lay shit out without caring if the scab would sting when i remove the bandaid, to which he replied "then avoid ever doing so, as so will i! good bye!"

.... immature douche. what are we, like in sixth grade or some shit. u're fucking italian, ur country should be more than open minded about being gay so what's wrong if our classmates find out. this taiwanese chick i told, went to a housewarming party and told like, 20 chinese girls that i like boys. lol. i really didn't see any issue with that because, it's not like i'm trying to hide my sexuality anymore anyway.

/rant over

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