Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I'm interviewing for 3 consulting firms for their London offices. I am so friggin' excited. I just finished one first-round interview today actually and apparently only 5% of the applicants were called back for first-rounds after the CV stage! Then it was a gruelling FULL-DAY interview-after-interview kinda shit...I'm so exhausted now. And also dude, everyone else I was 'competing' with were from Oxf0rd or C@mbridge. Like wow dude, 100% British born heterosexual (actually wait - I felt gay vibes from 2 of them) white Oxbr|dge males...sooo diverse really *rolls eyes.

I'll know next week if I'm through to the partner interview round...tonight I gotta prep up for a phone interview tomorrow, and next wednesday is my other first-round full-day thing with the third firm.

I'm so happy really, people believe in me! I really should too.

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