Monday, December 8, 2014

Racism against Asians in the gay community

Wow. You know what? I'm tired of white people. All the modern-day black lynching, and this constant "innocuous" racism against Asians, is just whatever to me. None of these guys have thought through about selective bias, which is that the majority of Asians into white guys will be bottoms because they themselves have fed into the internalized stereotype that most Asians are bottoms. However, taking me as an example, almost 80% of all Asians (which definitely amounted to several 100 people) who spoke to me on Jack'd/Grindr etc. were tops into Asian bottoms. These white Americans obviously will never meet the Asians who don't like white guys (of which seriously, there are plenty, OUTSIDE of America goddammit these guys are so fucking close-minded) because they won't be hanging out at the same place anyway! Just like how I hardly know any lesbians.

Man. This was in 2006 so hopefully things have improved for a while, but really, I get very annoyed also when N, or the Belgian boy in my class tell me that they think all Asians are bottoms, and that most Asians are feminine. In fact, the Belgian boy told me that I am the only Asian guy he has found himself really attracted to, and _that's_ what makes me special. I should really not talk to this racist son of a bitch (he once told me that he truly believes black people are born stupid cos they do worse on IQ tests) but it is so hard to resist because his body is so, so, banging grrr. Typical gymrate douchebag I guess.

This also suddenly reminded me how when I was in Spain for holiday back when I was still on the Grindr scene, many Spaniards would compliment me being one of the few Asians they think are "beautiful" and back then I really took it as a big compliment but now the other side of the meaning to it has hit me too...adding on to that it's very frustrating how whenever I jerked off on webcam, loads of dudes would tell me that my body is really fit & smooth, and I've got a great bubble butt (not anymore though boooo, the downsides of being attached), and I don't think they mind my dick (I keep it well-trimmed and everything plus I've got pretty nice low-hangers) but when they ask to see my face (which I never do - I don't ever want to end up on xtube or some shit), sometimes I reply "sure I'm Asian btw" and they just drop the call right there and then.

I'm actually very glad that I'm super boyish looking because yo when I'm 50, I'll still look like I'm in my 30s dawg, and that's the real-deal fountain of youth right there. Like not even kidding, my skin is ridiculously smooth and taut it some times is really bad because I think that I'm formidable and tan quite a bit even though it ages people, and I don't ever use sunscreen because I only bronze and hardly ever turn red/splotchy/peel-ey like white people. I also definitely do not have a small dick, and I am definitely not flaming, and I've quite a lot of Asian gay friends who aren't flaming too. But yeah ok fine dude, I'm a bottom, whatevs lol, I just don't like bumholes...

I think it's a huge chore for N that he has to constantly shave like, everywhere. Even his bum is hairy, like dafuq is up with that?? I don't like hairy guys, it's a big turn-off for me. I also don't like fat guys, because that's also a huge turn-off for me. I also don't like old guys, because well, I like taut youthful-looking skin.

All the above are actual, real, preferences not based on stereotyping across a whole race...which is what annoys me when people tell me "oh please just chill out, everyone has their own tastes!" Dude. I didn't say "oh I don't like white guys cos they tend to be fat, hairy, and really saggy when they grow old." That's a big difference.

Even this lesbian chick in my class, when we were all asking her for her preferences in girls, someone asked, do you like Asians? And she immediately replied with a huge "No, don't find them attractive." And I was like wow, okay, sure...and then someone asked, how about black girls? And then she suddenly became so coy and was all like, "well...actually so far I haven't met any that I found attractive so not really..."

I fucking flared up like a melodramatic bitch. Why the fuck is it ok for someone to just blatantly say NO ASIANS but for blacks they have to be all like, oh...I could come across racist that way. Fuck you.

And I realize, this is really all just media and shit hyped up. Like 90% of all porn I watch are white guys. But when a really hot muscular Asian comes along, I am so turned on. Because they are so underrepresented. Like Ken Ott. But he's a bottom too. No biggie, he's still so so hot. So if there were actually loads of really hot muscular Asians in porn, I'll watch Asian porn all the time. But the problem is the porn industry thinks that the demand for Asians are the femme bottoming twinks, which put me off no matter what race. So I end up watching white guys bang...Also, I think if the media portrayed black guys in a better light when I was growing up, I wouldn't be so averse to looking at black porn, plus again, the porn industry thinks that the demand for blacks are fucking anaconda-typed top 'thugs', and 1) thugs in general, no matter what race, disgust me 2) overly-huge dicks put me off too. Now if there were more Shemar Moore type of dudes, that'll be great.

Anyway, I know this whole entry once again reeks of self-absorption, but I do think I've raised some pretty real issues.


  1. I am sorry about your experience, but I am a white male who has met many Asian tops. In fact most of the Asians I have met are tops. And I like them!

  2. There is definitely discrimination amongst Asians in the gay community. I am an Asian who lives in the U.S. and I see it every day. I can not count how many times when I am in a chat room or using an app, after I tell them I am Asian they immediately stop responding. This also happens in life when I am out and about. There are many instances when I am at a club or bar where I get rejected and been told, "Sorry, I am not int Asians, no offense." I DO take offense bitch!

    What makes me even more angry is when OTHER Asians do it to other Asians. I have approach many Asian guys and they tell me they are ONLY into White guys. WTF!!!???? What was liberating was when I traveled to Taiwan and Hong Kong and see these beautiful Asian guys who are into other Asian guys. It felt so liberating to be surrounded by a room of Asians who are actually into each other. American Asians need to STOP hating on each other.

    I might start a porn company, maybe you and I can work together, that have Asian guys like Peter Le and such. I think we can make a lot of money. I will do the audition, lol, and you can be in charge of everything else. Lol. Since you are looking for a job right now, lets do our own thing, forget the corporate world. What do u say? ; )

    1. yeah, the internalized racism is pretty sad. even among straight dudes, i've heard them say 'i'm only into white chicks cos i'm practically white myself' which is pretty damn self-disrespecting.

      and as for the porn company idea, you selfish person you, you're propositioning that you do all the racy bits and i'm in charge of all the other itty-bitty shit? lololol

  3. I have heard some anti-Asian things from gay guys. Asian guys in London have a reputation amongst white guys for being outwardly more easy-going but also fussier. I don't really understand the bottom stereotype because I'm a bottom myself and I love Asian boys, so I like being fucked by them. And then of course there are those beautiful bodies as well.

    1. fussier? in what sense? also, by any chance could you invite me so that i can read your blog? :o)

  4. Ok, the writer has made many good points, and I do not deny one but that there is definitely discrimination going on, more sonin parts of the world colonized and/or dominated by white/European media and culture. This however is not surprising when taking into account history of western civilization and it's keeping an arm's length from anything 'oriental' (meaning the "others"), for centuries.

    What I find dosappinting however, is the sheer amount of self-advertising and self-assurance the writer is making. Instead of positively respecting other groups of people, even though other groups are not "races" per se, he goes on to saying he's not into fat guys or old guys. This is very different from skin colour and it is acceptable to prefer guys of your own age and body type, but don't they deserve respect nonetheless? This guy is usung terms like fat peopke, saggying old guys and hairy people having hairy asses like "wtf?" If his response is,"I'm being too sensitive, or that I'm fat, or old, or I'm being too politically incorrect," I would love to take this guy out for coffee, so that he can see that I'm not, and yet I find him being hypocritically offensive to groups of ppl I don't even belong to.

    Furthermore, discrimination of attraction against Asians can only go so far, and most people are ignorant, rather than being downright hateful. If you are just gorgeous, it doesn't matter, you will be seen as hot, even by guys who have the most negative subconscious view of Asian males. The writer, if he is truly all that, has intentionally, or inadvertently highlighted that as well. The problem lies in the stereotypes and expectations of ignorant people.