Friday, December 26, 2014

Three Good Things on Boxing Day

  1. I found a bunch of old Oyster cards in my room and my sister's room (when I was trying to find her backpack), that I can return in London for a total of 5 quid x 5 each = 25 quid. Free money in some ways lol.
  2. I had such an amazing time catching up with very unexpected company. There was this dude that I knew from the army many years ago, and we didn't keep in contact until he moved to Hong Kong earlier this year and I integrated him with my group of friends and we all hung out a lot. He's a mad cool guy (he sells beer for a living!), so it was great to meet with him and his girlfriend over some nice hot ramen (good for the weather. I came back here thinking I could get a tan cos I'm a pasty white piece of crap now but it's been raining everyday...) and she's super chill too. Then we had some amazeballs tiramisu (who knew tiramisu would taste so good outside of Italy - but forreals though I didn't like tiramisu in Rome when I tried it, similarly I didn't like apfelstrudel in Vienna, Peking duck in Beijing, fish & chips in get the picture) and then we headed over to a bar with really funky cocktails to meet up with another of my random friends (I knew her from elementary school but she similarly also met up with me when she had a stint in Hong Kong!). Great company really. 
  3. I bought a pair of Emporio Armani gloves for N online. I know it made him super happy because he immediately told me "omg omg omg I love them" hahaha. In turn, it made me really happy too! A couple weeks ago we both went to watch a premiere of a Korean Film, and he unfortunately left his Pal Zileri gloves at the theater and they got stolen when he went back to find them...he was really upset because it was 295 quid (which is like 460 usd ouch), so I knew he would want new gloves again. EA is also good enough for his extremely bougie taste haha. 

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