Thursday, December 25, 2014

Three Good Things on Christmas Day

I have a strange uneasiness creeping back into me again, but I'm going to soldier on and continue with this exercise:

  1. It's Christmas! I got to wear my spanking new Versace sweater which actually made me really happy and I got to really, really blast Christmas music in the house. (i.e. Justin Bieber's Mistletoe hahahaha!)
  2. Though we don't do gift exchanges or sing carols (my fam's not religious in the slightest), my mom is a terrific cook and she whipped up INCREDIBLE dishes at home and my siblings and I had friends over and it was all a lovely sight. There was a whole host of awesome canapes (smoked salmon on garlic bread, tuna roe on crackers, stuffed portobellos), honey-baked ham, lamb chops, duck, lobster bisque, and oxtail soup - pretty British stuff there. Everything was amazing and all my friends enjoyed it thoroughly. We even took a photo by our Christmas tree (which is pretty fancy since it's actually silver sequins and the stems are black) with our dogs!
  3. We all watched The Interview together which, although only warranted a 5.5/10 from me, had bits that got us into raucous laughter so at least there's that hah. Problem with Seth Rogen and James Franco is that they are too in-your-face with their racism and homophobia, which although I know is all in the name of fun, it's pretty childish still. Now Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum (21 & 22 Jump Street) on the other hand are hilaarrrrious.
Although this isn't exactly something good, but I guess I've two more days left till I see N in HK. I'm excited too.

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