Thursday, January 29, 2015

All through my wild days, my mad existence

This rendition is just incroyable. She's one of the favorite singers of N and I, I really just do hope she chooses better songs to sing for her pop career.

Anyway, hi guys, life is kind of just sailing along. 

  1. My final interview is taking place next Tuesday. These couple days are highly stressful. First I have a midterm on Friday about a really fucking bore of a subject with a tyrannical professor, then on Saturday I get to party a bit for a good friend's birthday, then Monday I'm watching My Night with Reg...with a straight Christian dude lol (although he's never actually had a girlfriend and he's 26....), then Tuesday is the interview (which I need to prepare a 5 minute presentation for - they already gave me the topic), and Wednesday is a statistics assignment due that I've not started on at all. Wao.
  2. I can't wait to finish this useless Master's degree, everyone is incompetent. I need a job and then I can kiss them all goodbye forever.
  3. N and I are super fantastic now; he is so affectionate and kind to me, and we cuddle so much, and he loves to pepper me with kisses everywhere again and he is back to saying how he wants to eat me up which is so adorable. I love him so much and I'm so happy we are doing so well!!
  4. He has also met a few of my friends which is great. Everyone loves him (well, obviously), and it makes me happy we are making mutual friends and hanging out with each other's friends a lot more now.
So yeah, got to power through dude...I'm losing steam however :/

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