Sunday, February 15, 2015

What a blissful Valentine's!

Oh boy oh boy, this is my first true vday really. Although N and I have been together for about 1.5 years now, last year's Vday was surprisingly very quiet, because I quit my job the weekend after it, lol. I was so stressed out with the negativity at work, I didn't think much about valentine's. This year, with his dad gone, his fat sister staying the night at someone else's place, and me feeling pretty good about myself with the whole job thing, we had a great day out together.

I booked this amazing restaurant a couple weeks ago for lunch, because it's one of those insane tasting menu sort of places where we had lunch from 1.15 - 5pm! Dinner there would have just been wayy too exhausting. Food was simply astounding. Presentation of everything was so immaculate, and the flavors of everything blended together so delicately and richly at the same time. The thing I've learned about what makes something gratifying/magnetic in life is balance. Balance of sourness and sweetness, richness and lightness - not just in food, but in relationships, personalities, cultures, art, movies, music; everything.

We then made our way to a Museum of Zoology, with taxidermied animals galore, and a glass of wine each. It was surprisingly interesting reading about how some animals mate (like I never knew male sharks kind of bit and bruised female sharks during about a Christian Grey complex). We were all huddled together in this creaky old museum and I reached into N's pockets and fondled him a bit and he was really annoyed and snapped at me. I got a bit cranky after that because I told him I just want to be a little mischievous here and there but he wouldn't have any of it...

Then we had a slightly heated discussion about this. He asks me why am I so turned on by risky public sexual acts or voyeurism, and I had no retort other than to say he is sometimes so sexually boring, which he got really pissed at me for a bit. We made up after that, but it really got me thinking - am I perverse, or is he just a numpty prude? I always want our sex to be a bit naughtier and riskier, like once I actually managed to convince N to fuck me in a sauna (very typical bougie shenanigans of mine - in a country club which membership is close to half a million USD!) and it was super hot, but that was like a one-off scenario. It's a little strange because on the other hand, there have been times when N wants to fuck me really hard, but I'm way too fragile for roughhousing, so maybe he's not getting fulfilled in that sense too. Which is why I do think we will really entertain the thought of a threesome in the future - this way he can fuck a guy really really hard the way he wants to, and I can get off watching my hot boyfriend fuck another hot guy (preferably muscular with a big dick - which is kind of why G did fit the bill)

Anyway, we left after and went to another sushi place (N and I do love our Japanese food) and hot damn it was really good sushi. Kinda pricey but that's London anyway. Got back home, and I realized I left my goddamn Armani umbrella in either the tube/train/bus/whatever...I got really really sad, and then N comes to me with yet another card, this one so silly all it says is "Sexy Arse" at the front, with two red semicircles and that's it. He calls me his "circle" because he says my face is round, my tooshie is round, and he is my "line" because he's tall and skinny lol. I don't even know how can anyone ever think "circle" and "roundness" can ever be remotely considered terms of affection but somehow it works for this guy hahaha. It used to annoy me a lot because it carries the connotation that I'm fat when I sure as hell am not (I'm 5'8", 140 lbs) but I've gotten used to it.

We are also going to Paris in March!!! Not for long but just a short weekend trip. It's kinda pathetic how I've been in London for so many months now but this is the first time I'm traveling out of the country, to...a city that I've already been 3 times before. But it's fine, this time we are going to Versailles and Disney!!! WAHOO!!! I love love Disney. I'm such a kid I know but I truly love Disney and all its sappy stupid 'magic' shit. The reason why we can't travel much is because N is pretty much the legal guardian of his fat spoilt sister, so if he leaves no one's to take care of her...gah.

Anyway, things are really really good and I'm really happy! 2015 has been great so far :)

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