Tuesday, March 31, 2015

So happy to have left Paris

Oh god. I was in Paris the last few days and honestly, the City of Love? Wrong...it was more like the city of filth. It's pretty darn god awful with its litter-strewn streets, slum-like housing everywhere, incredibly dirty and putrid subways, and a general sense of underwhelm washing over me whenever I revisited several monuments (Arc de Triomphe, Tour Eiffel, Château de Versailles etc.), so naturally I am so happy to be back in London. Londontown is honestly really great. I had dinner today at the Ritz and walking around Green Park and stuff, man, feels so good. I still remember in Paris how I got really quite sick of all the third-world-esque filth that I went to the Champs-Élysées to pop into a few stores: Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and the store layouts were outdated, the display pieces uninspiring, and generally just a drab - then I went over to the Italian brands: Armani Collezioni, Gucci, and it was a lot more modern and refreshing.

It's all subjective of course, but to me, Paris has decided to snobbishly cling on to its grime and dirt and ancient malfunctioning infrastructure, along with a vehement resistance towards modernity and change with the silly excuse of preserving "charm" but really - it's because French people go on strike all the time, and nothing ever gets done there! London has preserved quite a lot of its old-school charm but has cleaned up everything pretty well, and is continuing to do so at least. Sure, the rest of England is butt-hurt because all resources pour into London but...let's face it, the same case with Paris, the rest of the country is just considered "province" (this was honestly told to me by a Parisian classmate lol).

It's really funny how this has made me appreciate London so much more now :o)


  1. That's so weird how you would think that Paris is so eclectic and clean. Makes me nervous to go.

    1. I do think Paris is very eclectic, but I never thought it was clean, but did think it would be reasonable still. But it's actually really filthy...