Sunday, March 8, 2015

Waddup homie


What's up everyone! Life is good. Man. Life is pretty good. Other than the fact that I have a gigantic cystic acne on my face AGAIN, I've been cruisin'. Having a job waiting for me after I graduate is AWE-SOME. And I'm super excited about it. It's part of the tech industry, and it's something I've never done before, but I figured since tech is basically the newest big thing, I'm staying ahead of the curve with this. However, the pay is pretty shite (one of my other friends in another firm is being paid 50k pounds a year!!), but...I guess if I'm living rent-free in London things should be a lot better.

I've been going to fantastic restaurants with N a lot. We are super super in love again it's so mushy it's funny. I've been hanging out with friends from grad school quite a bit, it's been good. Also, I've been going to the gym and running quite a bit, and I think I have become slightly leaner. I'm happy with that. 

Not tooo shabby I guess, although still a long way to go.

Man I love all these random cameos by these great actors!

So a couple of days ago I had one of my 'firsts'. N and I were having sex cowboy style at first, and then I was looking at myself in the mirror and it turned me on that I could see myself, and so we flipped over to doggy style, and he started getting really into it, as we both looked into the mirror too. As I eased up, he started thrusting harder and harder, until he actually fucked the cum out of me. I didn't even use my hands! It didn't shoot of course, it just kinda dribbled out, but it really did feel like he was pressing against my prostate so hard that it just pushed the cum out. We collapsed after completely exhausted.

So yeah that was pretty cool.

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