Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Gay Pride

So I was ecstatic for sure when I heard about SCOTUS' decision to legalize same-sex marriage. Good precedent for the rest of the world because, well, many countries truly do look to the USA as a role model.

Anyhow, I recently attended my first Pride parade ever. For London this took place one day after the SCOTUS decision so I naturally had high expectations. For some strange reason, I imagined it like a New Year's Eve kind of 'shebang' with giant floats, great Broadway music, many disco balls, confetti, and a variety of semi-famous to famous pop singers lending their voices to the cause (like Sam Smith, or something).

Clearly, I was super mistaken. Sam Smith probably cares more about making money anyway. The singers who sang at the 'concert' at the end of the parade were incredibly painful to listen to. Apparently some were from 'Pride's got Talent'....but they were really horrible though. Most of the parade was downright disappointing, with just a bunch of people representing corporate companies just kind of tooting their own corporate agenda in fact one even had fucking VUVUZELAS blasting throughout. I thought there would be super fabulous drag queens having a lot of fun and lip syncing to fabulous songs (part of the whole cliche, which I really wanted to soak in!), but the drag queens didn't even seem to have that much fun, it felt very toned down. Also it was immensely crowded, there was so much litter strewn everywhere on the streets, the air was filled with cigarette smoke and rancid beer, and people were rubbing their god-awful sweaty arms around me...

The whole thing felt quite abysmal to me, so I left after like an hour or so with N to Selfridges to window-shop instead ahaha.

I guess Pride wasn't really for me, but I'm glad I've gone to my first parade. I'm all for the 'concept' of Pride - one day for people to celebrate life and diversity and just having a good time, whilst also slowly paving the way for equality in the future. But I can't deny that it felt trashy. N's even worse than me, he absolutely hates Pride. He thinks it perpetuates harmful gay stereotypes (there was a performance on stage called 'Take Off' where the stewards stripped to their undies and gyrated everywhere - the funny thing was none of them had hot bodies), and also wonders why isn't there a Straight Pride? - Sometimes N is really too immature to understand these things, and I don't really have the patience to explain it to his stubborn ass that straight pride doesn't exist because everyone in the world who's straight can fucking be proud every day and make out/hold hands on the streets without fear of backlash. It's just like with this whole BlackLivesMatter thing and white people going white lives matter too!

It's really like a 'tell me something I don't already know bitch!'

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