Saturday, June 13, 2015

My Odyssey Years

Great article, sums up how uncertain I feel about my life right now, but also how I am optimistic that I will eventually figure things out.

Life has been pretty good so far. I have one week left of school, and I'm done. I've done a bit of self-reflection for sure, and while I still feel that my master's program was a bit of a sham, I've grown quite a bit for sure.

  1. I've met more ethnic/cultural diversity among my classmates, unlike that in my American college. However, I've met less socio-economic diversity, and I've learned that affluent people behave largely similarly in spite of cultural differences. 
  2. I've learned to be more forgiving of long commute times. I scowl when friends say that a 15-minute journey is too long for them. I've definitely become more humble in this aspect. 
  3. I've learned to care less about social pressure. I've learned to say 'no' to parties when I'm too exhausted, and I've learned to be less affected when friends are invited to events that I'm not. It sounds wildly stupid, but this is quite an important growing up feature for me. It means that I am more grounded and assured of myself.
  4. I've become a lot better at talking about myself professionally. This is from the few interviews and coffee chats that I've had. Practice indeed makes perfect. I used to be so terrified about this.
  5. I've really grown again in my relationship with N. This past year saw very real-life trials and tribulations, and we overcame them all (far better than most of my friends who ended up breaking up) to become really solid together. We still say so many sweet-nothings even though it's two years since we've started dating. 
  6. I enjoy having more varied activities than before. In America it was just smoking weed and going to shitty dive bars. In Asia, it was popping bottles in clubs with people I didn't care about, or (frankly) watching movies in the cinemas. Now in London, I go to art galleries, museums, watchmaking exhibitions, ballet, plays, and enjoy myself, whereas in the past I grew bored quickly of such stuffy activities. 
  7. I've also learned to dress a lot sharper, now that I'm in Europe. This is a good thing, for sure.
In a month my parents are going to be in town and after that, I'll be going back home to Asia. It is going to be a very chill summer indeed, before starting work in September as a consultant. What the hell does that even mean really - a graduate management consultant? I see it as a necessary evil in my life - a short-term path for me to learn how to properly stand on my own two feet professionally, before I find something else more fulfilling. 

After all, life is about fulfilment.


  1. Having followed your blog for some time, it puts a smile on my face to know that you're doing well. Was starting to wonder if you'd stopped blogging for good. Are you looking forward to coming home?

    1. Hey man, thanks for the positive note :o) I haven't stopped blogging for good, but I've been relatively busy + lazy + things are smooth-sailing.

      Yeah I am looking forward to coming home, for a variety of pretty strange reasons. I miss my dogs, I miss the sunny weather but yet not getting hay fever, I miss the soft water (hard water in London makes my hair feel weird), I miss the sumptuous local food, I miss my car (guess it's my brother's now), but most of all, I miss being in an environment where I don't have to hide myself at home!

      It's crazy but I've been living with N for almost 9 months in London now and he still hasn't 'come out' to his family, so although I'm pretty sure they know we're basically fucking, we sleep in separate rooms and whatnot...

  2. I too have been reading your blog since the beginning and this happily is the most adult recap I think you have written Kudos and continue to grow.

  3. heyy ive lost all my numbers im in ldn again this weekendd tried emailing you but i dont think you check that anymore lol text mee?? i hope you see this!!