Saturday, August 29, 2015

Yeah, she's kinda hot though

I love this song. It just brings me back to my younger days when I hardcore listened to Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Green Day, and other punk rock bands. Back then, it felt good to listen to them because they were angsty and rebellious, and I definitely felt that way.

Also, very random, but I wished I had more skinnybitch female friends. Like if I walk on the street with a self-assured quirky long-legged skinny girl in heels with an oversized cardigan, man that's kinda hot though. Most of my female friends are pretty big-boned (not fat, just bulkier than me...which is embarrassing). Speaking of bulk...I'm still nowhere near my body goals. Picture below was taken two weeks ago. My body fat % is still way too high, and it's hard to cut down when I feel like I overeat each meal but somehow don't regret it at all because I truly truly love food so much. I savor flavors. Lol. Wow cheesy.

I'm currently in London by my lonesome self because N is in Greece now vacaying with his friends. I'm half sad that I couldn't join them because I would love some sun instead of this shitty English weather (it is customary to bitch about London's weather), but also half-glad because I don't really like them, and he is telling me now anyway that the trip has been very haphazard, and one thing that I find very hard to let go: I hate not planning things. The ironic thing is that I am a horrible planner half the time because I care too much about all kinds of shit I shouldn't give a fuck about.

So because N doesn't like it when I smoke, with no one else in the house, I smoke up. I've been plugging in my MacBook to the TV and watching some quality porn lolol... No but seriously I jack off like 6 times a day or something, I'm just bored and biding my time because work starts in 2 weeks, but I had to give up my passport to get my working visa sorted.

Today I smoked up and watched Eating Out 2, purely because I have seen screen grabs of Marco Dapper's incredibly beautiful physique and amazing low hangers and have definitely wanked to the idea of muscle-worshipping him in the past. The movie was actually a lot better than I expected - funny lines, great eye candy, great frontal nudity, steamy sex scenes, and loads of corniness, but all in good fun. Just very easy, shallow stuff to watch. And yes, I slow-moed his frontal nudity scene and jerked off to it lol.

Hopefully no one will stumble upon this blog wrongly, but N really did use to date that stud below (I'm sure everyone knows who he is). Apparently bisexual, and also exclusively a bottom when he dated N. So damn hot dude.

I was discussing with an attractive Portuguese friend of mine if we are sex addicts, because he told me he's also constantly horny like me. It's weird...but most of the time I don't actually want to have sex, I just want to...grab a dick and admire it. It may be normal, it may not be. No clue. I'm actually pretty old (26...) already so I should stop with these raging hormones but...oh well.

They say we’re losers and we’re alright with that 
We are the leaders of the not-coming-back’s 
But we’re alright though (We’re alright though) 
Yeah, we’re alright though (We’re alright though) 
We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene 
Yeah, we’re alright though (We're gonna be OK)


  1. Hi I am from Brazil and I did not understand. The ex of your boyfriend was the model of the videos in the other post?

    1. Yeah he is haha. I don't know if the model is 'out' though - he was in the closet back when he was dating my boyfriend.

  2. 2 things: 1. Damn his ex is hot! 2. Damn if I had your body, I'd be pretty happy. I'm not fat either but I've gained too much weight from my desk job and have been trying to find the motivation to hit the gym. Good luck with your goal!