Sunday, September 27, 2015

New Job

I love this song. So calming, so masculine and yet so delicate - this is exactly what I like about men.

Anyway, my new job has officially started. It's amazing because I have six weeks of training in total, and I've done three so far, and I can't even begin to describe how blessed I feel that I managed to get this gig. My opportunities after this will be really good - I am sure about this.

It's also great that I'm surrounded by so many like-minded, and smart, people. Loads of people here are from Oxbridge and I can really tell the difference between them and the Essex type that the other half is swarmed by. 7% of the cohort is Asian (terribly few), so I initially felt very out of place (given the fact that my U.S. college was pretty much 30% Asian, and my grad school in the U.K. was 40% Asian), compounded with the fact that everyone is such a "bloke" (English version of a frat bro) but I've coped I believe.

I've learned quite a lot about myself - especially the fact that I need to doubt myself less. I am in fact really quite smart (now that I've been able to compare myself with the rest) so I shouldn't feel like my cultural and sexual "differences" will hamper me. It paralyzed me at the beginning though - in fact I even spoke to one of the partners about this.

Anyway, yeah, life is extremely hopeful now :o)

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