Sunday, December 13, 2015

My son was kissing boys in the street


Also, I'm a little afraid I'm going to grow up to become a pedophile, or one of those old geezers who pay for money boys (obviously, disregarding the fact that I am in a very good and loving relationship [still! I know it's crazy] with N), because I really really like the young & handsome 18-25 look [like the guy above], which is discomfiting because many of my friends seem to prefer older 30+ guys?

Also, something that's weirdly very American about me is that I only wear boxer shorts for underwear. I don't like it when briefs or boxer briefs bunch up around my balls and it feels very constricting, so I just let it all hang with boxer shorts. When I once tried N's boxer briefs on, he looked at me with disgust and was like "eww this is so weird that you're wearing something so tight" and it made me feel annoyed that he doesn't think I can "pull" off wearing something European-sexy like boxer briefs and have to stick to my loose-fit unfashionable boxer shorts...w t f

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