Wednesday, December 30, 2015

why can't i stop coughing

it's so annoying!!! i've been koffing for a week now and it's killing me. i've self-medicated to zero results...

man every time i go out with N now, he is CONSTANTLY instagramming, just because he somehow found himself semi "insta-famous" with 18k followers, so whenever we are at a nice 2 michelin-star restaurant or whatever, HE IS ALWAYS ON HIS GODDAMN PHONE editing the pictures of the fucking food we are eating. and it pisses me off and i have told him before that it pisses me off because it is rude and disrespectful and he tells me he doesn't like my attitude???


it's always so easy for him to be like "hey you're being annoying what is it with your attitude"

and i get all "fuck. it's because you're fucking annoying as fucking hell you motherfucking fuck of a cunt go fuck a duck" which doesn't help because i swear so much at him, so yes once again he's all "there. attitude"

also our relationship has become sexless



all i do is wank a shit ton. sigh. he's stressed out with school and job applications blahblah (strangely he seems to be facing the same number of rejections as i have done - but he's actually british while i had to fight for my sad lil immigrant visa) so he told me he feels asexual now lol.

i've actually been quite an understanding boyf. blargghhh

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