Sunday, December 20, 2015

You and me got a whole lotta history

Ok so I actually really like One Direction, and it (kinda) sucks they're not gonna be making any more teenybopper music for the next few years.

Man I'm SO HAPPY that Christmas is here. I need a well-deserved break from work. Although to be completely fair, my situation ain't as bad as my friends. My other consultant friends work until 1 am every single fucking day, and let's not even start with the others in investment banks/PE funds - 2 am is normal. I end work at about 6.30 or 7 pm every day, which is fantastic really, given the nature of my job.

Anyway since this blog is where I speak about my slutty thoughts in secret, I went back to the bathroom mall where I first semi-wanked with an older guy at the urinal. This mall is actually along the way that I walk from my client's office towards my own office, and so I cheekily decided to go check it out again. Funny enough - there was yet another older guy standing at the urinal with his erect (pretty fat) cock out again, and he peered at me so much (like literally he stuck his head out over to try and look at my dick but I hid it with my hands) I couldn't pee and I actually started getting really hard. There were other people that came in and out of the toilet too and some were also just standing there checking out other people's cocks.

Man - I think I found a cruising spot really. Which is crazy because this is a really nice mall with a swanky rooftop bar - but I do think the bathroom architect must have been a gay man because it's really way too easy to check out each other's dicks.

Anyway I left because my heart started pounding a lot and I didn't really want him to see my dick because he was older, kinda fat, and not attractive, but still the idea of wanking at the urinals with a sizzling hot muscular guy is a really really hot fantasy of mine. Some times I really just let my imagination run wild with these things because I know that I don't want to (really) do anything to jeopardize my relationship with N, but I also really do like fantasy sex.


  1. Why not incorporate something like this with N? You too can go meet somewhere (that mall or a club), pretend like you don't know each other, and try to pick one another up. You can have sex in the bathroom, try to give each other handjobs in the club without getting noticed. I think this type of role play can be really fun and spice things up.

  2. I would LOVE that but problem is he absolutely hates these kinda things...he doesn't even want to watch porn and jack off together :(

  3. Hmm have you brought up this idea to him? Maybe you don't have to do anything sexual in public, but you can still try to pick each other up. I think he should be willing to at least try something new. It kind of sounds like you're getting bored (please correct me if I'm wrong). I think you two should sit and try to figure out what you both want, what you're both comfortable with, and why you aren't OK with some things.