Friday, May 19, 2017



I am TOTALLY obsessed with a couple from a TV show that I randomly stumbled upon and since then have obsessively consumed every part of their onscreen / off-screen lives. Unfortunately they are straight in real life and have girlfriends, but that's fine :)

The above two are Jude and Zero, aka Zude, from a TV series called Hit The Floor. They didn't start out as main characters because the series is mostly about cheerleader girls for a LA basketball team, but man. Are these two fucking hot and cute or what??

Jude, the brunette, is totally my kinda guy. Or rather, I want to be like him. He's always suited and booted, yet has a good body underneath, and so clean-shaven and broody and dark and handsome and ugh. In the series, he plays Zero's basketball agent.

Zero is the blond guy above who has piercing eyes, awesome hair, and a fucking hot bod. He's the bisexual basketball womaniser in the series who flirts with a hell lot of women, and acts like a total arrogant dick in front of everyone, but finally softens his heart around Jude.

Dude I can't even explain how much I am obsessed by them. I think growing up I always wanted a relationship like that. Heck - my first boyfriend was bisexual, he was a typical kind of arrogant athletic jock with a great bod who also played loads of basketball.

There's just something so appealing about bad boys who turn good just for you. In reality it's messed up as fuck, but yeah...I'm gonna binge watch this series.

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