Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!

The above is one of my fav songs (I'm very thankful younger me listened to really fantastic tunes and spent time sourcing them all, unlike now when I am too lazy and just stream ambient stuff instead) - I'm listening to it in bed now resting my head on a neck pillow after what feels like a totally odd week of utter bumming around and drinking and merrymaking. I've left my apartment in total ruins - very uncharacteristic of me actually. In fact I have also not even gone to the gym for two weeks now - holy shit. Tomorrow I will begin living responsibly again hah. 

Happy New Year people! Looking back at this year, I've once again learned so much, and also unlearned a few things. I can feel it; all of this will slowly be making me a better person in the future. 

I spent New Years in also a very odd fashion. I first had dinner with my Indonesian relatives, sang while my cousin played on the piano, then headed to meet a couple of friends at a house party, got absolutely drunk, couldn't really remember how I got home (I actually took the Tube rather than an Uber lol drunk and thrifty...), booty called a million people apparently, and ended up having a random guy come over and smoke weed and fool around with. Woke up the next morning and was like yup no he isn't hot at all ahahaha, oh wells! No harm done :)

I don't post much nowadays, mostly because I'm busy, and then lazy. I'm sorry (if anyone has been expecting posts). So my year in review - highlights:

  1. Travel. Over the past two months, I have travelled to Singapour, Shanghai, Krabi, Perth, London, Paris, Bruxelles, Copenhague. In this year I also travelled to Bogotá, Wien, Stockholm, Ohrid (FYROM). I've had a lot of fun (half of these were for work), and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Am indeed very lucky to be able to go to all these places. 
  2. My career. I've absolutely been doing very well at work, and it feels hugely satisfying and fulfilling to be learning and also contributing so much. I've been on incredible projects, I've even presented to senior clients as part of an RFP response (jargon I know, but this basically means I got to do something that usually only someone with 6-8 years of experience would be doing), I've spoken to the senior executive team about my experiences with the social innovation conference, etc. It feels really good finally growing into something, you know? Especially since my previous two jobs in SG and HK dented my self-esteem a lot. 
  3. Breaking up with N. It was a long time coming for sure. Though Facebook keeps sending me down memory fucking lane with happy pictures of our yesteryears, and while I still pine for the gentle love and affection that I gave and received during those early days, at least now I know I am indeed better off without him. It took a while for me to come to terms with that. 
  4. Becoming semi-ripped. Oh man what a confidence booster it has been. Working out has been great for me. I'm definitely going to keep at it next year too, so I will start seeing some real gains. 
  5. Becoming more moderate and chill, hence better relationships with family and friends. I think overall, maybe it's part of growing old bleh, I have mellowed out a lot, and am generally an easier person to be around. My last trip back home was the best one yet - I actually did get closer to my family. 
For 2018, I'm going to try my best to always keep things in perspective, and be more glass half full than half empty for at least >50% of the time. I gotta be more optimistic! As things do have the tendency to work out in the end...I also need need need to commit to sleeping more...I definitely do not sleep enough (6.5 hours on average per night bleh).

I've already got some pretty interesting stuff lined up for the year. For one...I am now working in København every Mondays to Thursdays, for at least the next 6 months. Yes, that means 4 am Monday mornings for me to catch a flight there, and then flying back on Thursdays to Londres. Blehhh. It is also really cold there, but it is refreshing to be in a smaller city, eating really painfully healthy organic food, and enjoying the hygge way of life.

Single life is still kind of mundane. I think I've started enjoying partaking in casual fun from time to time, but I've oddly still not really gone on any dates at all (oh yeah, the dude I talked about before - he's straight, welp). Well who knows? Maybe I'd meet someone this year :) And if I do, maybe this time round it'll work out for the long term; or maybe it wouldn't. C'est la vie.

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  1. 6.5 hours of sleep sounds like a dream to me lol I had 4 hours usually and I have no clue how I still alive. Regardless, it's always nice to read your stuff.